For Women

Women often encounter financial hurdles that men rarely face, and for many women their pension is not the main concern coming behind other financial commitments such as their mortgage and children. Consequently they may be reaching retirement with pension savings far less than half the average figure for men. For these reasons and to help mitigate these hurdles, one of my areas of specialist expertise is helping women feel empowered by giving them the right information to take control of their finances.

One of the ways I can help is with divorce financial planning.

As well as the inevitable emotional issues, the likelihood is that your divorce will have a significant financial impact on all involved.

I have worked with a number of divorcees in recent years and I am convinced that with the right support and explanation, financial agreements become easier to make and better outcomes are realised.

If you have just begun your divorce proceedings, I can work with you and your solicitor to ascertain how assets should be split and ensure sensible decisions are made regarding issues such as maintenance payments.

If you have already determined the financial aspect of your divorce, I can review the plans you already have.

I am committed to ensuring that you and your family will be in the best financial position possible and will always do what I can to help.

Having a conversation to establish whether or not I can help you, costs nothing other than an hour of your time. Invariably I can help and can often make suggestions which may not have been thought of before. I can also provide a second opinion where advice has already been sought.

Before deciding to meet with Sarah why not read what some of her existing clients have said about working with her:

“I was introduced to Sarah 4 years ago. Her manner is both friendly and professional. This was important to me; I required someone I could feel totally comfortable with. Sarah assessed my 'immediate' financial requirements quickly and kept me involved throughout the process. She took time and commitment to make sure the investments she was proposing were to be in my best interests. I would totally recommend her.”

Catherine Howe, Ilkley

“Sarah guided me through the financial decision making process as I separated from my husband. Her advice helped me to make the right decisions as I faced dealing with my finances as a single person again. She helped me understand how to put the right plans in place to protect my children and gave me a realistic view of where I was at with my retirement planning. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her if you want to deal with someone who genuinely cares about her clients’ outcomes.”

Caroline Wildish

“From my first meeting with Sarah I felt at ease and reassured that she was the one to help with my long term financial planning. She has gone out of her way to ensure that any information that she gave was accurate and relevant to my personal circumstances. Sarah is a pleasure to work with and I have had no hesitation in recommending her.”

Jackie Doherty, Bingley

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.